8-Week Personal Leadership Academy Online Program


8-Week Personal Leadership Academy Online Program


Over the last 15 years, I’ve been obsessed with studying the daily practices and spiritual and emotional behaviors of the world's highest performers and greatest leaders.


Through reading, classes and programs, personal coaching and mentorship, and interviews with some of today’s top business leaders, such as Seth Godin, Dr. Tasha Eurich, and Jay Abraham, I’ve taken special note of what’s worked well throughout history, what hasn’t, and what works most effectively in the modern era.


From all of this research and through years of my own practice as a business leader, I wrote my own leadership manifesto, Redefining the Top 1%, based on the driving premise that true Top 1% performance comes through practicing Shepherd Leadership: guiding, supporting, and learning from those you lead.


Included in the Manifesto are the seven behaviors of Shepherd Leadership, the daily practices of the world’s most effective leaders. While knowing the behaviors is a starting point, to make the most impact, you need to build these behaviors into your own life.

Redefining The Top 1%

Thankfully, I’ve created a program to help you do that


The Personal Leadership Academy is an 8-week online course in personal performance, business, and leadership, followed by 10 additional months of individual mentorship with me and a group of my trusted advisors. The online course provides a digital self-study, plus 12 hour-long mentorship calls with me, and access to the digital versions of all the exercises I take private coaching clients through.

The program, and the community created within it, is designed to help you:

  • Transform your life from being motivated by fear, doubt, and victimhood to one motivated by love, generosity, and personal power;

  • Gain authentic confidence in your ability to perform well and guide others;

  • Transform your body and brain at the cellular level to become the person you most desire to be;

  • Dramatically increase your personal productivity;

  • Formulate a life mission unique to you—your Major Mastery Mission—for true adventure and fulfillment each day;

  • Gain immediate accountability and camaraderie within the private program community.


You will walk away having learned and developed the same skills of those who work with me 1-on-1 in private coaching, but with a more self-driven approach and an entire online community to support you.


My usual private coaching rates are 90 days of 1-on-1 private coaching for $10,000, or 1 year of 1-on-1 intensive mentorship for $25,000. But this initiative is not about making money for me. It is about helping as many people experience meaningful transformation and exemplify the type of leadership and guidance their families, teams, and organizations deserve.

One-on-One Private Coaching

So, I’m offering the 8-week Personal Leadership Academy online program at significantly reduced rates for the first 200 participants:

  • For those outside of my current network who want to jump in and hit the ground running, the 8-week Personal Leadership Academy will be offered for $997.

  • For those already in my network (those of you on this page), who’ve already been engaging with my message, I’m making the 8-week Personal Leadership Academy available for just $197.

I’m so confident that you’ll have exceptional results with this program that If you complete the program and the included action items and resources and don’t feel satisfied with your results, we’ll reimburse you in full—no questions asked.

No matter where you are in your leadership journey, we all benefit from continuing to learn and improve. We need leaders who put others first and genuinely want to help those around them succeed. I am by no means a guru, but I am a very dedicated student of high-performance Shepherd Leadership, and I want to share what I’ve learned and experienced with others so that they can learn and experience the same.


Thank you for your interest. I hope to see you in the program and sincerely cannot wait to start working with you!


Dr. Trevor Blattner is the founder of The Top 1% and leading thinker on Shepherd Leadership -- a modern approach to leadership designed to address a world that is complex and ever-changing.


With over 20 years of research, coaching, and expertise, Trevor has developed a model of leadership that breaks free of antiquated and regressive notions of what it means to lead. His enlightened approach to leadership is based not on rhetoric or buzzwords that fit neatly into a tagline. It’s based on behavioral science, personal experience, and a strong commitment to personal values.


The founder of a seven figure business, Trevor is no stranger to adversity and is used to working with people of all backgrounds. He has experienced first-hand that the road to your top 1% is not without challenges. It’s through this lens that he’s now committed himself to helping individuals overcome their setbacks, eliminate self-doubt and perform without limits.


8-week online course in personal performance, business, and leadership, followed by 10 additional months of individual mentorship with me and a group of my trusted advisors.

Personal Leadership Academy


“During my time working with Dr. Blattner he helped me set clear goals for myself and gave me the encouragement and support to maximize my potential. He genuinely LISTENS, addressing each person as their own unique individual. By breaking things down on an individual level for me, he conveyed a sincere investment in my success. He is a man of leadership, loyalty, and integrity in every aspect of his life.”

Jordan Young

Territory Manager-Benco Dental

“Trevor Blattner is a rare breed of person. He’s driven, but not for personal gain. He’s driven to serve to make the world a better place, to use his gifts as effectively as possible to make the biggest impact on the world that he can. His ability to not only see the bigger-picture, but to communicate it in a way that creates buy-in and enthusiasm is valuable to so many organizations and their team.”

Brandon Wagoner, PE

Manager of Strategy and Execution at Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation

“Trevor’s Top 1% System for building confidence, success, and wealth is very unique due to its scientific, evidence-based approach. He is committed to your success and takes his role as a mentor very personally and very seriously.”

Chris Widener

Author of The Art of Influence

If you haven’t ordered already, I can’t help but think it's because you're worried about making a bad decision.  I totally understand that.  And you know what? Maybe you are.


But what if you're not? Let's get real for a minute. Let's say you get this and you hate it. That's pretty much a worst case scenario. Let's say it's the worst thing you've ever had and it's just absolutely awful. Can it get worse than that realistically? Can we agree that this is the worst case scenario?  Hey, if that happens here's how to fix it. Just send it back and you'll get a refund. It'll be like it never even happened.


But, What if this actually works? Hey, if you're still here reading this, you know you've got a pretty strong gut feeling that this is exactly what you've been looking for.  What if your gut feeling is right? Eight weeks from now, you could be confidently living out your newly formulated Major Mastery Mission and producing at a level you never dreamed possible.  


After all, the worst that can happen is you get to hit the delete button on the whole thing and get all your money back. But the best case scenario is nothing short of life changing.

Imagine the pride you're going to feel when you gain authentic confidence in your ability to perform well and guide others to do the same.   Imagine how happy it is going to make you when you are able to dramatically increase your daily productivity and progress on your most important goals and dreams.  


Imagine how fulfilling it will be for you when you are able to begin to live your daily life guided by a sense of love, generosity, and personal power rather than doubt, fear, and victimhood.



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